Anti-dumping Legal Services

 I.  Professional, experienced and qualified team
1. The earliest bird in China antidumping practice:
In 1997, T&D represented its first client in the first antidumping investigation initiated by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China (“MOFCOM”). Since then, T&D antidumping team has been involved in 53 out of the total 75 antidumping cases initiated by MOFCOM, and therefore have accumulated extraordinarily abundant experience in counseling clients in China’s antidumping proceedings.
2. Committed team with strong leadership and qualified professionals:
John Yong Ren, the founder and managing partner of T&D, before studying abroad and working with an outstanding international firm, served in a Chinese governmental authority for many years. Mixed education and career background always makes John in a good position to serve as a communication bridge between the investigation authority and the responding companies. Under the strong leadership of John, the T&D team, comprising of qualified professionals with both law background and economic background, is committed to providing long-term assistance for each of its clients.
II.  Impressive achievements
Over the past 15 years, on behalf of its clients, T&D team has got a wealth of impressive achievements as below which make it stand out among competitors:

     0% dumping margin for 7 companies out of the total 8 before MOFCOM;
    successful non-injury defense in 4 out of the total 4;
    3 price undertakings out of the total 5;
    participation in the first AD/CVD case of China;
    representing 9 respondents in China’s sole safeguard case.

Specifically on the margin side, T&D assisted Corning Inc. in the investigation against Optical Fiber from the U.S., Japan and Korea and received a de minimis margin (1.51%) in the final determination in 2005. Corning got the lowest margin among all the respondents and was the only one that paid no duty on that case.
On February 2, 2010, assisted by T&D, Hyosung got a 2.7% margin (one of the lowest among all the respondents) in the preliminary determination of the TPA case.
On December 23, 2010, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, represented by T&D, participated in MOFCOM’s anti-dumping investigation of Methanol originated from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand. MOFCOM finally decided to terminate the anti-dumping investigation against Saudi Arabia.
On April 21, 2011, assisted by T&D, Corning Incorporated got a 5.4% margin in MOFCOM’s anti-dumping investigation into dispersion unshifted single-mode optical fiber originated from the EU and the US.
On October 18, 2011, assisted by T&D, UBE CHEMICAL EUROPE, S.A got a 2.6% margin in MOFCOM’s anti-dumping Investigation against caprolactam imports from the E.U. and the U.S. Also represented by T&D, DOMO Caproleuna GmbH got a 3.2% margin in the same case.
On the injury side, T&D in 2007 successfully assisted Dow and Optimal to get the Butanol case concluded with non-injury determination. And the same also happened to Hanwha and Mitsubishi in the case against Octanol in the same year.
III.    Favorable reputation
Through its long-lasting commitment, T&D has built very good reputation not only among its clients but also among the overall antidumping society.
1.    Strong and loyal clients base
Over the past 15 years, T&D has won high-level trust from its clients all over the world including Dow, BASF, Corning, ExxonMobil, GE, Dupont, Shell, DOMO, DSM, Mitsubishi, Hanwha, Hyosung, SABIC, PETRONAS, etc.
Particularly, Dow and BASF have been assisted by T&D in China’s antidumping proceedings for more than 10 years.
2.     Favorable comments from third-party institution
T&D’s great performance in antidumping field was noted and reported by quite a lot of third-party institutions, such as CNN, Reuters, LexisNexis, and USA Today.
What is noteworthy is that T&D was shortlisted for Chambers Asia Award China 2010 in international trade. The awards recognize a law firm’s pre-eminence in key practice areas in China.
IV.   Ability to provide sweeping service
T&D participated in all the phases of antidumping investigations, including original investigation, interim review, and sun-set review and is capable of assisting the clients in all aspects relating to an antidumping investigation.
Particularly, in order to achieve the best result for its clients, T&D always dispatches a team to the domicile of the responding company to provide on-site assistance in filling out MOFCOM’s questionnaires. This arrangement will on one hand help the clients quickly understand the investigation authority’s practice, on the other hand allows T&D work group to have a good knowledge of the company’s sales channel, merchandise flow, manufacture costs/expenses, and all other aspects important for responding to an investigation. As such, with T&D’s assistance, the company will be able to decide the best responding strategy and avoid any possible negligence caused by lack of full communication with its outside counsel at the very initial stage and also can finish the response in an efficient manner with reduced time input.
V.  Smooth and effective communication with MOFCOM
Through its 15-year commitment, T&D has established a very smooth and effective communication channel with the investigation authority by always taking a cooperative approach and responding to the authority’s request with satisfactory work in a timely manner.
Furthermore, familiarity with the authority’s internal work procedure, normal practice and even the case official’s personality will help clients act in an appropriate manner before the authority.

In 2015, T&D Associates assisted FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. and FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc. in responding to the interim review regarding photographic paper and paper board from the EU, the US and Japan.

In 2017, T&D Associates assisted Lucite International Singapore Pte. Ltd. in responding to the interim review regarding MMA from Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

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