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Since 1997, T&D Associates began to deal with antitrust-related matters. We have experienced attorneys who are able to handle complex corporate transactions and can competently and efficiently offer the best legal services with cases concerning competition law. In transactions related to corporate matters, we have represented many domestic and foreign corporations and financial institutions covering a wide range of industrial and commercial areas. Our attorneys can provide an excellent antitrust legal service to all types of business transactions and use Mandarin, English as well as Japanese as their working languages. 

China's Anti-monopoly Law (AML) came into effect in August 2008. During the long course of its formulation, T&D had close attention to and kept track of the legislative process as early as the end of 20th century. T&D has been involved in a wealth of academic research and projects, sponsored a series of seminars, conducted informative meetings, given speeches, and published articles on matters regarding the AML. Our firm has continued to maintain strong contacts with AML authorities, within research communities and academic circles of the competition law field. Since the AML took effect, it has profound impact on the business operation of major multinational companies in China and makes them to face the challenges brought about by the new law. Our experienced antitrust attorneys can take advantage of their extensive background and knowledge in AML to provide maximum help for domestic and foreign customers. Through close attention as well as deep and detailed understanding of AML, T&D Associates, with its forefront status, can provide the best legal service in China’s anti-monopoly field. 

T&D had represented many multinational corporations, such as submission of prior notification for foreign and domestic mergers and acquisitions, and represent case investigations of monopoly agreements and abuse of dominant market position which are initiated by NDRC and SAIC. For antitrust notifications, T&D has already represented more than 400 cases which is in the forefront among local law firms. Meanwhile, for the investigations of monopoly agreements and abuse of dominant market position which are initiated by NDRC and SAIC, T&D is one of the handful law firms who have representing experience. With a good interactive relationship with China's anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies and academia, a good cooperation network of foreign economic consulting agencies and law firms, as well as the actual experience of anti-monopoly case investigations and a deep understanding of the AML, T&D is the best choice for customers who are seeking China's anti-monopoly legal services.


Ever since the Anti-monopoly Law (the AML) was drafted in 1994, T&D keeps paying close attention to the anti-monopoly legislation and progress. T&D has been profoundly involved in revision of the AML and aware of the background of revisions during the whole legislation procedure. 

Since 2003, T&D has commenced providing legal service for a number of multinationals with regard to antitrust issues in China, and providing clients with antitrust related memorandums at regular intervals. 

Since 2005, T&D has sponsored 21 seminars related to competition law and the AML, with participants including high-level officials and the academia, discussing several theoretical and practical essential questions of anti-monopoly in depth. 

Furthermore, T&D has been maintaining a consanguineous relationship with China anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies, keeping close cooperation with the main stream Chinese anti-monopoly academia, establishing good relations with notable experts in the area of anti-monopoly. 

T&D has been providing legal services in the areas of anti-monopoly for both international and domestic clients, assisting its clients filing antitrust notification with MOFCOM and successfully obtaining approvals up to more than 100 cases. Moreover, T&D is the only Chinese local firm representing multinationals involved in the SAIC antitrust investigations. 

The global trend of anti-monopoly law are becoming evident, for the purpose of contacting with international views and practices, T&D also maintains good communication with a few foreign organizations on the focal issues of anti-monopoly, including United States Department of Justice, the US Federal Trade Commission and EU Competition Commission.

Legal Services

I. AML Compliances
A. Checking the company policy and advising on business decisions
B. Internal training on AML compliance
C. Making AML Compliance Handbook and the Dawn Raid Procedures

II. AML Litigation(s)
A. Pre-warnings and making strategies to possible lawsuits in China
B. Acts as agents for AML litigation(s) in Chinese courts

III. AML Investigation(s)
A. Pre-warnings and making strategies to possible investigations in China
B. Assist to initiate or response to AML investigation(s) by SAIC & NDRC

IV. M&A Antirust Filing
Submit the Pre-notification Report for Anti-trust Filing of M&A to MOFCOM

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